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Hire Gets Some New Sails

Well new to us anyway. We have bought, secondhand, four very durable, indeed most people would describe them as bullet proof, Ezzy Wave Panther sails from 4.0m² up to 5.5m². This will allow us to get back to offering two sails per set, thus enabling new hirers greater scope for… Read More »Hire Gets Some New Sails

New Club Rigs

The club have bought two new rigs for the more adventurous beginners to use. They are 5.5m², so a little biger than the other club kit, and they are very definitely more performance oriented. So for those of you who have been using the soft beginner sails and have managed… Read More »New Club Rigs

Club Trip to Vasiliki, June 2014

Vassiliki Beach viewed from the Town end

Vassiliki Beach viewed from the Town end

Club members will have already received an email about this however if you are thinking of joining the club, you’d be welcome to come along also.

We are planning on going either the 15th or 22nd of June, though 15th June is looking favourite at the moment. Going a little later than last year we hope to get some of the better wind, though prices will be higher. We will be going with either OceanElements or Neilson, as Club Vass looks to be booked up. both centres offer daily tuition and a good range of kit. Both these centres have dinghies as well as mountain bikes, sups, canoes etc. Both packages are B&B unlike Club Vass. We expect the price to be in the £600-650 mark though it could be a little less or indeed a little more depending on the group size

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AGM Agenda 2014

1. Minutes of Previous AGM 2. Reports and Proposals from the existing Committee Chairman Membership Sec Treasurer Club Secretary Social Sec Maintenance Website Hire Gear Training 3. Break For Buffet and Renewals 4. Election of Committee. Chairman Membership Sec Treasurer Club Secretary Social Sec Maintenance Website Hire Gear Publicity Health… Read More »AGM Agenda 2014

AGM Newsletter

Club members will already have received an email with the newsletter attached, anyone else is welcome to view it (click the image to download and view the PDF). If you are thinking of joining you will be very welcome to come to the AGM and if you join on the… Read More »AGM Newsletter

2014 AGM

The AGM will be held on Thursday 27th February at 8pm at the Seven Oaks Inn, Lows Lane, Stanton DE7 4QU. A buffet will be provided. We will be there from around 7pm so you can renew your membership before the meeting or during the interval. Whilst this is formal… Read More »2014 AGM

Weymouth Trip

This years Weymouth trip will take place from the 8th to the 13th of April, thats 6 nights away. Number of nights is flexible we should be able to accommodate those only wanting to stay for fewer nights. As many of you will know Weymouth offers very safe sailing on… Read More »Weymouth Trip

2014 Events

Current members will already have seen the email about this years Weymouth trip and this heralds the publication of a whole swathe of events for the coming year. Have a look at Events/Overview for a taste of whats to come. More detail will be added later and for the major… Read More »2014 Events

Slipway Completion

Easy access to the lake for the boat.

Easy access to the lake for the boat.

A huge thanks to everyone who turned out on the 22nd June to help with phase 2 of the slipway.

Yes it is over a year since we attempted to do this first time round, but the weather we had on the first day and the rotten summer and winter since then have made it impossible to contemplate having a JCB driving around churning up the grass. Thankfully its dried out and, with the exception of a bit of tidying up, it is now complete.

We had a huge work schedule organised for the day, including making a barrier to prevent nutters driving onto the rigging area and churning it up just for their amusement, and we got the most important bits done. We know the area around the toilets is a bit soggy so we want to address that, plus we need to lay some roadstone in front of the boat lockup, and we all know how poor the track down from the gate is, so…….

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