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2022 Calendar of Events

We are very hopeful that this year will be undisrupted and have arranged more training for newcomers, more for existing members and with luck we will get a foreign trip in this year too. Weymouth last autumn was a very enjoyable trip, even if it was windless, so we will… Read More »2022 Calendar of Events

New Club Foil Board and Wing

The Club has just purchased a multi-functional foil board along with a 6.4m wing. The board can be used as a windfoil by attaching a windsurf rig, it can be used with the wing and of course it can be used as a SUP if you have the energy to paddle hard enough!

Events Calendar for 2020

We have now finalised the calendar for 2020. Lots of exciting things going on. You can preview it here or download the PDF version from this link.

Calendar of Events for 2018

We have now finalised the calendar for the year. Last year we increased the amount of training time for existing members and this year we are increasing that again. We recognise that people want to improve and we want to help you. Last year saw membership rise to 106, an… Read More »Calendar of Events for 2018

Club Calendar of Events for 2017

We have today finalised the calendar for the year, lots going on with a big focus on training for beginner and intermediate level sailors, fantastic trips for the experienced and following the huge success in 2016 of the taster sessions and  recruiting new beginner members, an increased number of Beginner… Read More »Club Calendar of Events for 2017

Club Trip To Sotovento June 2017

Risco Del Paso from the air. Club Ion centre on the left lagoon bounded by the sandbar at high tide.

Risco Del Paso from the air. Club Ion centre on the left. Lagoon bounded by the sandbar at high tide.

The club will very shortly be arranging another trip to Sotovento, Fuerteventura in June of 2017. Following the hugely successful trips in 2015 and 2016 we think its one of the most reliable and affordable destinations guaranteeing wind. The location offers open sea sailing with little or no shore break and flat water for all those sailors confident in stronger winds. There is also the lagoon for those less confident and for all sailors to practise and rehearse their hot shot moves in waist deep water. This year the tides will be the best we’ve ever had so the lagoon will be the biggest and deepest and all nicely timed for a high tide mid afternoon.Read More »Club Trip To Sotovento June 2017

Tiree Trip September 2016

The Group
Rich, James, AndyJ, AndyB, SteveS, DaveH, Cliff, Dean, Nathan, Laurence, SteveT, MikeM, MikeG, DaveM, Hywel

Ever since the successful visit to Tiree in 2011 there has been talk of making a return trip and this year we finally made it. Teaming up with four guests from Notts County Sailing Club, eleven of the more adventurous TWC members once again loaded up three vans and a mini-bus and headed north for the Oban ferry.

The Forecast

The Forecast

The format pretty much followed that of the previous trip, with one or two tweaks, having learned a few things from last time. The main change was to wait till later in the year in the hope of having better winds. However, as things turned out, be careful what you wish for! We set off with a forecast littered with extreme winds, causing some of us enough concern to leave our bigger sails behind. It also turned out that our fears were shared by the ferry operator too! We set off on a Tuesday night, planning to return the following Monday morning, so again having five full days on the island. So far this was pretty much a repeat performance of last time although we did make the journey slightly quicker by having an upgrade on the mini-bus. In addition to not having a 60mph limiter, this baby came with heated seats and Bluetooth which allowed the drivers to sync their music collections. In hindsight, Gorillaz D- sides was possibly not to everyone’s taste.Read More »Tiree Trip September 2016