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Club Calendar of Events for 2017

We have today finalised the calendar for the year, lots going on with a big focus on training for beginner and intermediate level sailors, fantastic trips for the experienced and following the huge success in 2016 of the taster sessions and  recruiting new beginner members, an increased number of Beginner Training Course weekends.

We have booked Jim Collis for 15th and 16th July and of course theres the National Watersports Festival at Rutland Water on the weekend of June 3rd and 4th. Make sure to put those dates in your diary.

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You’ll also note that the AGM seems later this year? Thats because we have put it back a month. We have also moved the membership renewal date to 1st April so all members now get a free extra months membership and third party insurance. We’ve done this to try and retain more of our recruits, people really aren’t thinking about throwing themselves into cold water at the end of February, but the end of March is usually quite a bit warmer. Depending on feedback we might move it by another month next year.

The Club continues to recruit new members, total membership is over 90 in 2016, the highest for years. In order to achieve this we have had fantastic support from our RYA Instructors and this year we will be increasing the number of instructors to help with the expanded training programme. Much or the organisation and management of the club is undertaken by a small number of committee members. We desperately need some help with the running of the club, mostly simple organisational tasks, to spread the workload a little, there is much more we would like to be doing but we do not have the time. If you feel you could help out, please come along to the AGM (more about this to follow, but put the date in your diary) and introduce yourself, we would love to hear from you.