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Our membership year is April 1 to March 31.

Your first years membership price includes a lifetime joining fee which includes the costs of the club insurance, getting keys cut etc. The club 3rd party insurance covers you, your kit and the club kit on both of our lakes. If you have your own kit and use it elsewhere then you will have to arrange your own 3rd party or comprehensive insurance.

In previous years we have offered a half year membership at the end of September because some people come from summer holidays where they discovered windsurfing, and want to join in September. Once you reach the following April 1st, you join the usual April-March cycle. Check out the website in September for more details. Early bird memberships are also available. If you are an experienced windsurfer and join after the 1st January you get a bonus of up to 3 months free.

To join simple fill in the membership form below. We’ll contact you with the bank details and reference numbers you’ll need to pay the fee. Once the funds have cleared we’ll post a car sticker and a key to the changing rooms and kit storage as well as the codes for the gate locks.

Renewal forms are sent out in February before the AGM. if you have not received yours then please contact the Membership Secretary.

Members who fail to renew for a year will be deemed to have lapsed and should return their key to the Membership Sec.

You can help make admin easier by joining or renewing at our AGM in March each year. The date and venue details will be found on the Events page. We would prefer you to pay by Direct Bank Transfer please contact the Membership Secretary for the Club account details and a reference number. If you have to pay by cheque please make the cheque out to “Trent Windsurfing Club”.

As a member please bear in mind the following:

  1. Display the car window sticker in a prominent place.
  2. You are advised only to sail when others are at the lake.
  3. Please ensure the cabin and gate are secure if you are last out – in any event, the gate should be kept locked at all times on the instructions of our landlords. (Even if the gate is open when you arrive or leave, close it behind you and lock the padlock.)
  4. The club recommends that adequate personal buoyancy should be worn when on the water.
  5. Please never leave a rig untethered. We have had instances where rigs have become airborne & damaged cars.

Please also make yourself aware of the Club Bye Laws.

To view our various membership options click here.