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Beginners Guide – How to use the Club

  • Check weather forecast and wind direction before heading out. I would advise against sailing in a strong southerly, as it will be directly off shore, and also a poor direction for the East Lake, usually being very gusty.
  • It is advisable , and more sociable, to sail with someone else. Use the mail group to inform people you are heading down the lake. Never sail alone.
  • Unlock the access gate on the lane and lock it behind you – this gate should remain locked at all times. (Unless the lock is missing!).
  • Park on the hard standing, behind the containers or upwind of where people are rigging.
  • Unlock the changing rooms.
  • Carry a board down to the water’s edge. Check the board has dagger board, secure fin (i.e. it does not wobble) and deck plate/UJ is secure. People fiddle with them.
  • Unlock the sail store
  • Pick a sail suitable for the wind & your ability.
  • Tighten up the sail (outhaul & downhaul) using the rigging tools provided in the sail store. NEVER LEAVE YOUR SAIL UNATTENDED.
  • Return the rigging tool to the hook where you found it.
  • Carry it down to the board (remember to keep the mast edge (luff) into the wind)
  • Attach the sail to the board
  • Put on wet suit & buoyancy aid
  • Lock the changing rooms & sail-store if no-one else around. (Either lock your valuables in the car, or changing room)
  • BUT… *Never* take your keys onto the lake unless you have a secure place to put them  – I have a combination safe that attaches to my car that I keep the keys in. Some people have waterproof stash cases that they can put around their necks and under their wetsuit.
  • Go sail.
  • When you have done – more or less do what you just did in reverse. Detach sail. Loosen outhaul & downhaul – return to sail store. Return board to board store in the same position you found it.
  • If any kit gets damaged , or you find kit damaged, then drop an e-mail to one of the committee, or to the e-mail group.