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New Club Foil Board and Wing

The Club has just purchased a multi-functional foil board along with a 6.4m wing. The board can be used as a windfoil by attaching a windsurf rig, it can be used with the wing and of course it can be used as a SUP if you have the energy to paddle hard enough!

The wing will be supplemented by an additional smaller version just as soon as the supplier has stock. The wings can of course be used with the beginner windsurf boards for training or the SUP boards. And the foil itself can also be used with the JP foil board and reports are that it will be a lot more beginner friendly.

Andy prepares to give the wing its first flight

Foil board with the smaller foil

Additionally the foil has two front aerofoils one very large to allow beginners to more easily get up in the air.

We plan to arrange a taster session for members just as soon as all the equipment has arrived and the correct adaptor acquired to pump up the wings. Look out for further announcements soon.