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New Club Rigs

The club have bought two new rigs for the more adventurous beginners to use. They are 5.5m², so a little biger than the other club kit, and they are very definitely more performance oriented. So for those of you who have been using the soft beginner sails and have managed to master rig control these will give you a bit more power and a lot more stability.

Synthesis 5.5m² Rigs

Synthesis 5.5m² Rigs

These are complete with their own masts, mast extensions (in the sail bag) and booms, but you will need to use the mast base from the box that goes with the board you choose to use. They are stored on the top right shelf of the racks with the kiddy rig. Please make sure they go back in the same place and with all the same equipment as they came with.

These are a little more technical to rig than the beginner sails, so if you would like to know how to do it correctly, come along to one of the fortnightly Thursday  night club sessions, see the club calendar for dates, and someone will show you.

Also, a reminder to anyone using the club equipment, please make sure it all goes back where it came from. The system relies on people being responsible and ensuring that its all present and correct for the next person to use.