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Membership Options


Full Membership

The cost to join, including the one-off joining fee is:

  • Single adult at £125
    1. or
  •  Family membership at £155

This includes third part liability insurance which covers you for use of your own kit and all club kit, on the club lakes (see below for Insurance cover). The initial membership includes a one-off fee which includes the cost of getting new keys cut. Membership runs from 1st April each year.

A family consists of  one or two adults and their children up to the age of 18, living with them.

To join follow this link

Annual Membership Renewal

Annual renewal fees are cheaper as they don’t include the one-off joining fee. Renewal notices are sent out in February before the AGM.

  • Single adult at £95
    1. or
  •  Family membership at £120

Day Membership

This is offered to allow non-members to use our facilities at the invitation of a club member to see if they like it. They are permitted to use the club equipment free of charge and are covered by the club insurance to do so. We do require that the visitor completes a Day Membership form (found in the changing room) and that after two visits they consider joining the club. Day membership does not permit members of the public to bring their own equipment and use it on our waters as this is not covered by our insurance.

Trial Membership

We offer newly joined members the option to have a refund of 50% of the joining costs if, before the expiry of 3 months from when they join, they find they are no longer interested or decide the sport is not for them. We do ask that in order to claim the refund both the club keys and car sticker are returned. This option is not available more than once and is also not available for lapsed members. If you join and then take advantage of free training provided by the club that would have been charged for had you not been a member then the value of that training will be deducted from your refund.

Club Equipment

The club provides equipment for its members to use if they do not have their own, or are thinking of buying their own. It is available at all times (other than when the club need it to run training courses) and there is no need to book it. We currently have 8 beginner boards and rigs of various sizes. This year (2019) if we can secure the funding we will be adding at least 8 SUPs for paddleboarding.

This provides a very low cost introduction to the sports with no outlay other than the membership fees as detailed above. If you then decide you would like to take it further you can of course buy your own equipment. We do require that you have had some basic training to be able to use this equipment, either with us or elsewhere. If you would like to come down to a club night we would be happy to show you round.


The club RYA insurance covers all members and visitors for sailing on the lakes. This is 3rd party cover and covers the club equipment, members equipment and accidental personal injury. If anyone is interested in a boring legalistic read then we can send a copy of the policy by email.

Obviously if you want to use your equipment elsewhere then you’ll need either 3rd your own 3rd party cover or comprehensive cover. It’s a requirement for sailing at Carsington or Rutland and officially for SUPing on canals and rivers.

Noble Marine who have provided 3rd party cover in the past offer a 50% discount for club members. They have 2 versions of the insurance, the first is for the policyholder and any equipment. The second is for a named board and is for anyone using it.  Both windsurf boards and SUPs are covered. The cost is £11.20 (2019) for either type of insurance and they can probably also do comprehensive.

Other insurers for windsurfing are Bishop Skinner and Newton Crum and insurers for SUPs are SUPInsure and Sportcoverdirect. There are obviously many other insurers out there.

Another option is to join the RYA or British Canoeing. RYA costs £65 and includes insurance for windsurfing. British Canoeing costs £45 and includes insurance as well as a waterways licence – so useful for SUPers.