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Calendar of Events for 2019

We have now finalised the calendar for the year. Last year we increased the amount of training time for existing members and this year we are increasing that again. We recognise that people want to improve and we want to help you. Clearly windsurfing is on the up and up in the East Midlands, and if you want to be part of it TWC is the place to be.

There are plans this year to include SUPing or paddleboarding and we are exploring grants to fund the purchase of a set of SUPs. As this progresses, we’ll be making some of the Club Days specific to SUPing and if we can get the funding adding specific Taster Sessions for SUPing.

The Maintenance Days in March will be an opportunity to review the beginner and intermediate boards and sails to make sure they are still fit for purpose as well as all the usual maintenance activities.

Club Days area a great opportunity to get together, to share experience and meet up with other members, so please make sure if you can to come along to some of them.

Watch out for group emails about updates to the Calendar, e.g. camp overs and other activities on Club Days.

Also, if you want to be included in the Club WhatsApp group contact Nathan ( with your mobile number. The WhatsApp group is used to see if anyone else is sailing, what the wind is like etc.