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TWC Tries Foiling – RYA Instructors Day

Andy, Chris, Pete & Andrea attended the Instructors Day  at Rutland water. One of the sessions was a talk on Foiling, which surprisingly turned into a demonstration and a chance for us to try it. So, Pete, Andy & Chris being soft of head and determined to get freezing cold (it was about 2 degrees with a chilly wind) put their hands up to volunteer to try it out.

I’d always imagined foiling to be a dangerous activity for the novice, but  Tris Best (, assured us that as long as we didn’t let go of the boom then we’d be safe… so having been re-assured that we’d not be catapulted or decapitated , we were convinced.

Surprisingly, all of us got some air on our first tries, and we’re all now hooked. I think we can safely say that TWC will be investing in a club foil in the very near future :-)… Happy foiling.

Many thanks to Tris for his tuition.


Here are some shots of us foiling (and crashing)…. Thanks to David Eberlin of Notts County for his photography skills.