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Trip Report – Fuerteventura, June 2015

TWC at the Mistral Centre

Seven days of perfect wind, fantastic weather, flat water & waves. It was windsurfing heaven.

The Hotel was superb, with lovely large rooms and plenty of space for two blokes to share.

There were 6 people from TWC leaving from East Midlands airport on the Saturday, with 2 others joining later in the week. There was a bit of a delay with the transfers from the Hotel (and back again), but we got there in the end. Another year, I think we’ll sort out our own transfers.

Every day was full on Windsurfing, and we all came back beaten , bruised and knackered – but it was worth it ! Usually by 10pm we were all nodding off (maybe it’s our age !!).

Speed was up first on the Agenda, with all the TWC members kitted out with GPS units.

Mike made a good start on the first day, setting the benchmark…

Here are the results.

14th 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th PB
Andy Brown 28.205 26.533 26.242 28.205
Dave Maul 25.192 27.564 27.564
Mike Green 26.747 21.421 20.06 22.276 26.747
Hywel Harris 25.834 24.726 24.24 26.514 26.514
Pete Rabjohns 25.212 26.067 22.451 26.067
Frank Watson 19.594 20.216 18.914 21.149 18.933 21.713 21.713


We had a couple of GoPro units with us, so these were put to good use to get some good footage of the trip.



And finally a gallery of a few stills from the week.