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TWC enters the Twittersphere


1 (of a bird) give a call consisting of repeated light tremulous sounds: sparrows twittered under the eaves (as noun twittering)the swallows were settling to roost with a good deal of twittering
talk in a light, high-pitched voice:old ladies in the congregation twittered
talk rapidly and at length in a trivial way:he twittered on about buying a new workshop [with direct speech]:‘What a great crowd’, Perry twittered
2 make a posting on the social media website Twitter:many active bloggers are twittering more and more these days

For those of you who use Twitter, you can now follow the club

For those of who don’t use Twitter you will still be able to get club information via the website or facebook. Twitter should allow us to reach out to more windsurfers and hopefully attract more members.