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Weymouth Speed Ladder

With the wind picking up on Friday the speed competition was on. The GPS units calculate a range of different speeds averaged over different times or distances. One of the readings is the average speed over a 2 second window giving a maximum speed. The results from Friday were:
Gordon: 26.086 knots
Hywel: 23.404 knots
Loz: 22.354 knots
Clive: 20.449 knots
Mike: 20.352 knots
Pete R: 20.469 knots
Stu: 18.564 knots
Frank: 17.222 knots
Dave Maul: 13.568 knots

The problem with top speed is that it doesn’t measure the true calibre of the rider. A fluky gust or even a catapult could give somebody a high reading. So the average speed over 500 metres is the real mark to be judged against. So here are the 500m results:
Gordon: 24.181 knots
Clive: 19.652 knots
Hywel: 19.613 knots
Loz: 19.594 knots
Mike: 19.497 knots
Stu: 17.533 knots
Frank: 14.773 knots
Pete R: 11.099 knots
Dave Maul: 8.022 knots

Whilst Gordon (who processes the results) is clearly out in the lead, the competition behind is stiff with 4 people within 0.155 knots of each other.