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Club trip to West Kirby 21st or 28th October

Robin Hood watersports are arranging a demo at West Kirby on either the 21st or 28th of October. Which date depends on the forecast and a decision will be made on the Thursday preceding at the latest.

For those who have never been West Kirby is a very safe tidal lagoon suitable for all standards of windsurfer and especially good for those who want to test their speed capabilities. It is one of the best UK venues for speed surfers and records have been broken there so the club will be arranging for some GPS units to be available for those wishing to enter a club competition.

At the time of writing Robin Hood have demo equipment confirmed from Point 7, Goya, Quatro, JP, Tabou and Gaastra and will be set up from about 10 am. If you are interested, get in touch and we’ll let you know the arrangements nearer the time.