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Club Trip To Weymouth

The club will be organising a trip to Weymouth from Thursday the 19th to Monday the 23rd of April, thats 5 nights away. As many of you will know Weymouth offers very safe sailing on flat water in Portland Harbour. Open to clean winds from the South and West and reaches of half a mile or so make it an ideal location for Weymouth Speed Week and it will suit our purposes very well.

Portland Harbour as seen from Google Streetview

We plan on staying close by at Pebble Bank Caravan park which can accommodate us in static vans sleeping 4 or 6 (no one shares a double bed unless they want to!!) or they can come in their own campervans.

We will be making use of the facilities atWeymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy for parking, launching, snacks and showers. Charges for this are £9.60 a day or, better for us, £34.30 a week. This includes the required Portland Harbour launching fee.

We have secured the loan of a number of GT31 GPS units so we can have our own daily speed competitions, divided up into various ability levels. There is also the possibilty we could arrange for a days speed training if there is enough interest. We might also be able to take the club tandem.

The club is prepared to subsidise the trip for members (conditions will apply), however the level of subsidy will depend on the number of members wishing to take part. So it would be sensible to outline the costs before the application of a subsidy so you can make you own mind up about how much it is likely to cost you.

Accommodation, approx £80 for 5 nights
Parking, launching fee £34.30
Plus food and the cost for getting there. We would like to get people to share transport if at all possible and we will make every effort to facilitate this. If you can take your own bike we could arrange a ride if we have windless days and it might be useful for getting about in the evening. If you have a bike rack that could carry other peoples bikes we’d love you to volunteer to take them. Once there the rack wouldn’t be needed of course.

We would like catering for breakfasts and evening meals to be communal and to that end we will take the club gazebo and a big barbecue. It is probable we can prepare a few big meals prior to travelling just as we did for Tiree. Or we can venture into Weymouth for a pub meal and drinks. Breakfasts will depend on the weather, ie we could do use the gazebo and do fryups or if inclement we will use the facilities in the vans.

If you are interested please get in touch by the 26th February so we can start making formal plans.Don’t forget to let us know if you would be interested in a days speed sailing training.