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Junior/Kiddy rig bought for use of club members

The club decided, to try and encourage participation by families and youngsters, to buy a junior rig for the use of all members. We are now in posession of a Tushingham Dino 3.5m rig. This is a very well made durable sail, exceptionally light and easy to handle rig that we managed to get secondhand from Nobles at a very good price. We will place all the equipment in the changing room and will let you all know by email when its available, should be in the next week or so. Please take good care of it and put it back when you have finished.

It should be noted that this is for the use of members. If you have family members who you think might like to have a go, you have to have family membership to be allowed to use this equipment. Its not an expensive upgrade to go from ordinary member to family membership so speak to membership secretary Pete Rabjohns to get yourself upgraded.