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El Tur trip – update

Day 2 started windy, out on 7.5m sails for a couple of hours before lunch then it died off to light breeze so we were out just messing around. Changing sails and boards here is a breeze, the staff do it for you, just tell them what you want and it’ll be carried down to the beach for you, and put away again after!There are only 20 or so guests at the centre so its all nice and freindly

Day 3 we went on a trip to the national park called Ras Mohammed where most of the diving takes place, but we went just for the snorkelling which if you’ve never been is mind blowing. A coral reef just a yard or two from the shore which has the most amazing fish and thousands of them, all colours and every colour. Underwater photos just don’t capture the colours unfortunately. Even if the forecast is windy for a whole week you really shouldn’t miss out on this trip.

Day 4 Hywel was laid up with a stomach bug and Mike went for a days scuba diving. Gordon wore himslef out doing very little. Even in light wind days the atmosphere here is so different to anywhere else we’ve been, its just so relaxed and easy going. Some new gear arrived today including some large Severne sails which we will be trying out tomorrow before it gets too windy (Windguru here is pretty accurate).

Day 5 started early, the wind was blowing from the south from 8am. Southerlies are not the norm here and produce a swell in the bay. In the morning we were out cruising on big kit and then blasting 130l & 7.5m for about 3 hours. During lunch the wind got up so afterwards it was 5.5 and small boards right up till the close. Big swells out in the bay. Warm aswell, 32°C in the shade.

Day 6 started as day 5 finished, windy and from the south. Lumpy and a biggish swell in the bay. Small kit and then hard work, spent quite a lot of time chatting on the shore. Eased off arround 3pm and then it was back to more familiar 6.5m 130l scenario, still biggish swell but quite manageable, a very nice end to the day.

Day 7 and we were very fortunate to have a late pickup, 3pm for a 7pm flight and the hotel are very accommodating, we can have the room as long as we want to shower and change etc. We had been putting all our bar bills and lunchtime food on the room bill so after breakfast we went and settled up at the reception, it came to about £85 for the week. Between 3 of us. Admittedly we weren’t drinking that much beer, but cheap or what! So we all have a fund started ready for the next trip. Watch this space.

The wind had swung back to the North the previous evening and was blowing 12-18 knots so whilst the guys who had been revelling in the windy lumpy stuff the day before were complaining they couldn’t get on with the light winds(!) we were showing them how it was done, 7.5m and 130-145l boards and blasting right down the the mosque beach and back. A truly memorable morning to finish on. We came off the water at about 12:30, showered and came back down to the beach bar for leisurely lunch, then changed into travelling clothes and waited for the taxi, which drove on to the beach to pick us up. Such a brilliant way to finish the holiday.

See some more pictures in the ‘pixs’ section

A big thank you to all the centre staff for all their hard work making it an excellent week and to the other guests who made it such an enjoyable place to be.

Hywel, Gordon & Mike