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El Tur trip 2009

We arrived late yesterday, after dark and had a very quiet evening. Woke this morning to bright susnshine and very little wind, though after we had checked in to the windsurf centre it started picking up. Gordon and Hywel went out with 7.5m sails for about half an hour of serious blasting across flat blue water on half mile reaches. Had to change down to 6.5m for the hour before lunch, getting seriously windy.  Wrist muscles screaming, grip deteriorating lunch was a welcome break. Back on the water for 1:30 on 5.5m sails until 3pm when it died back a little. Too knackered to change up.

A brilliant first day captured in pics now showing in the PIX section. Go on, you know you want to have a look!

Watch this space for more.