Equipment Hire Scheme

Update December 2018.

Sadly, Trent Windsurfing Club no longer runs the hire scheme. However, if you have landed here looking for Windsurfing Sessions, then membership at Trent Windsurfing Club is only £135 for your first year, and then £80 every year afterwards. We have plenty of kit available both at intermediate and beginner levels free for members to use at the lake. So, why not consider joining as a member instead , see Membership Options for details.

New Fanatic Viper Hire Scheme Boards and Rigs

New Fanatic Viper Hire Scheme
Boards and Rigs

We have been very fortunate to have received a Sport England grant that has allowed us to increase our Hire Kit fleet with the purchase of 5 new Fanatic boards and rigs.

Our scheme allows new members who are just starting out to hire a complete board and rig package for a very reasonable monthly fee, far less than you’d pay at the major hire centres, and you can take the gear anywhere to sail it, use it as much as you like whenever you like. It’ll get you started and you’ll make rapid progress since the boards are so stable and easy to sail. We have 6 beginner boards complete with rigs. All sets now come with two sails at no extra charge. For those that are keen to progress, we also have two intermediate boards and are confident that these boards will really excite you after having got used to the beginner boards.

We reckon someone quite keen won’t take long to master the basics, at which point they will be ready to progress to a smaller faster board, so we’ve set the hire period at 4 months at which point you should be ready to move onto something smaller. We’ll need a deposit off you but you’ll see from the details that its not excessive. The deal for new members hiring the beginner gear includes fully comprehensive insurance for a whole year.

The cost for rental is just £40 a month for the beginner kit, just over £1 a day, a lot cheaper than you’d pay for even half a day at a hire centre and £35 a month for the intermediate boards (without a rig).

As a member you will also be able to participate in the training events we organise and this year we plan to have more of these, keep an eye on the events page, or consider coming to the monthly meetings.

The Beginner Gear

We have 6 beginner boards in total, four Fanatic Viper 85’s, 220litres, one Fanatic Viper 80, 190 litres, and a Starboard Rio M 80cm wide 195litres, all complete with their own board bags. These are ideal beginner boards, nice and big and stable but still easy to plane, learn harnessing and getting into the straps.

The rental fee gets you a beginner size board, a rig with a sail to suit your size and experience, fin, screwdriver, kit bag, easy rig, harness lines and footstraps  for when you are ready for them, etc etc. If there is no queue of people wanting to hire the gear we’re quite willing to extend the hire period if you want, though previous beginners using the scheme have all made rapid progress and are ready for a smaller board. Also if you really don’t like it at all you can return the gear early for a refund of your rental. Can’t say fairer than that can we?

The rigs sets vary in size from 4.3m up to 6.5m and if you want we might be able to include a second sail in the set to extend the range of wind conditions you can sail in. We include mast, boom and all the fittings, ropes and pulleys etc. to get you out on the water and we’ll be happy to show you how to rig it. We will do our best to match the board and rig sizes to your experience level and size/weight.

The Intermediate Gear

Our Intermediate boards Left to right, GO 155, Rio M, GO 155

Our Intermediate boards
Left to right, GO 155, Rio M, GO 155

We have two Starboard GO boards, a 144l and a 155l, a Tabou Rocket 150 and a JP X-cite Ride 150. These are ideal first intermediate boards that will allow you to rapidly progress to planing in the footstraps.

These are only available to new members who have hired the beginner gear to start with. These come without a rig so rather than have to shell out for a full set of equipment all at once, you’ll only have to purchase the rig, then when the time comes to purchase your own board you’ll have a much better idea of what you need and what suits you.

What You’ll Need

You’ll need a wetsuit and boots (these can be bought very cheaply now from various larger supermarkets, Decathlon, The Range etc etc) and a buoyancy aid and some means of transporting the gear, so you’ll need a roof rack and stout straps for your car. A word of advice, it doesn’t pay to buy a cheap roofrack!. As you progress you’ll need a harness, please ask for advice before buying one. If you wish to sail through the winter months, we would advise that you invest in a good quality winter wetsuit.

The Small Print

The scheme is only available to new full club members so you will need to sign up before the hire gear can be allocated to you. Best to get in touch to check that the gear is available first, we’ll be happy to reserve it pending your membership application.

We hire the gear on a 4 month basis at £40 per month payable in advance plus a  deposit of £100 which will be refundable, so you would need to pay £260 for the hire  at the outset. If you wish to return the gear early you may, with a refund for unused months and of course you will get your deposit back. If we have no demands on the gear at the end of the four months the period may be extended if you wanted it to. You will be asked to agree to and sign a hire agreement form which can be downloaded here.