Club Kit

Thanks to the Club receiving a Sport England Grant in 2012, the club purchased new equipment which is available for all members to use. It is stored in the racks in the changing block. We have 4 brand new Nautix boards and 3.5m and 4.0m rigs. We have two ex-hire scheme F2 Discoveries along with brand new 3.5m and 4.0m rigs. And for those who want to push themselves a little bit we have equipped the Fanatic Viper and HiFly Motion with 4.7m and 4.5m rigs, just a little bit bigger, to get you used to the wind pulling you along. We do recommend that you have had some basic training to be able to use this equipment, either with us or elsewhere.

Beginner boards, all with new 3.5m and 4.0m rigs

If you would like to come down to a club night we would be happy to show you how our kit should be rigged.

With 8 complete sets we doubt very much that there will be more people wanting to use it than there is kit available, but if that situation does occur, please be considerate and share its use. If this situation does occur, please let us know.

When we run taster sessions and training courses the equipment will be required for the use of people on the course so the club kit will not be available. Please consult the club calendar to find out when these are.

ALl the equipment is racked as sets. You only need to take what is on one rack shelf. Please do not mix and match as we will very soon get in a mess with it all as certain sails can only go with certain masts etc. If you are in doubt ask a committee member.


Our board racks, 8 boards and rigs, all ready to go.

Each set comes with its own kit box. Everything that you need  will either be in the box or attached to the sail or boom. Each box has a list which shows what should be in the box and it will also show which board and rig it goes with. Please make sure that everything that was in the box goes back in the same box  at the end of your session.

Each box contains a laminated rigging guide to remind you of how to do this. We would strongly suggest that in the first instance you come along to a Club Night and ask to be shown how to rig these boards. We schedule regular sessions for beginners so it would be a great idea to come along for rigging help and training tips.

Each box also contains a large corkscrew like device called a rig spike. This is to provide some security in windy conditions so that if you have to, you can stop your rig blowing away when it is not attached to your board. Screw it into the ground and then with your rig downwind of the spike wind your uphaul around the spike.

2.5m Tushingham Dino Junior rig. Can be used with any of the beginner boards

The kit boxes are colour coded for a reason. All red boxes are for 4.0m rigs. All blue boxes are for 3.5m rigs. The black boxes are for the bigger rigs currently though this might change. The racks are marked with which set goes where, please put yours back in the same place it came from. Bear in mind some of the boards are heavy so get help to lift the boards off the top racks if you need it.

We also provide a junior 2.5m rig. This can be used with any of the boards but please make sure the rig goes back where it came from and the board goes back with its original rig.